Learn to Twist!

Want to book a class? Click below to be redirected to our contact page, select "Learn to Twist" for the subject and let us know the date and time you are interested in and if it is a group or individual class.

Interested in being the next Twist artist? Whether you're a seasoned balloon artist or have never twisted a balloon before, we will train you! Click below to send us an email with your resume and cover letter. 

Whether you're interested in picking up a new skill and learning how to twist for the first time or if you're a seasoned balloon artist looking for some new shapes and techniques, Twist offers group and individual classes for all levels. 

Our beginner classes cover all the balloon basics and fundamentals of twisting and we teach a minimum of three shapes of your choice!

Individual classes are $200 for two hours and include a pump, a bag of assorted balloons, and a bag of specialty balloons. Maximum 2 participants.

Group classes for 3 or more people are $350 for two hours and include enough balloons and pumps for up to 10 people to use during the class. Additional supplies are $10/person. 

If you would like to continue practicing, we also sell balloon art starter kits for $25 which includes a pump, 2 bags of assorted twisting balloons, and 1 bag of specialty balloons.

Video Tutorials

Stay Tuned! Our balloon art video tutorial database is under construction and coming soon!